Wiki-RIKI Research Team Bios and Wiki Research Interests (this page was initiated March 23, 2007)

Wiki-RIKI stands for "Wikis for Research on Intercultural Knowledge and Interactivity"

1. Chun-Yi Lin, Indiana University ****
Bio: Chun-Yi is a current doctoral student in Department of Instructional Systems Technology (IST) at Indiana University. Her background prior to the doctoral program was in the fields of educational psychology and science education; she was also an elementary teacher for 3 years. Chun-Yi has worked with pre-service teachers in a non-profit organization in Taiwan from 2000 to 2005 and in the United States from 2006 to 2007. Chun-Yi is currently an associate instructor in IST for a course on Technology Integration in Teaching.

Wiki Interests:
Self-efficacy study: I’m interested in Wikibookians’ self-efficacy (their beliefs, attitudes, intrinsic motivations, self-determination) and how it influences people’s online behaviors in terms of persistence and commitment. I’ll use Bandura’s social cognitive theory self-efficacy as the framework in this study. I’m interested in studying the relationships among the Wikibookians’ behaviors, the supports from the environment, and their self-efficacy; and developing the instrument/ scales for measuring self-efficacy. I’ll work with Lijiang and conduct a qualitative case study as the pilot study to explore the factors related to self-efficacy.

Independent study next semester-- wikibook implementation in technology integration courses. Another study I’m working on is about wikibook implementation in the teacher education program. I’m going to look at the instructional design aspect -- the instructional guidelines to scaffold pre-service teachers’ collaborative knowledge building processes in a wikibook class project, and the social culture perspective--how apprenticeship happens in the wikibook class project when pre-service teachers work with other participants from different classes and levels. Also I would like to know their perceptions of collaborative knowledge construction from this class project experience and also the perceptions of general collaborative knowledge construction in other wiki tools or Web 2.0 tools such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks, blogs, podcasts, and so on.

2. Kanyarat Dadphan, visiting scholar from Thailand at Indiana University (****)
Wiki Interests: Kanyarat is interested in using wikibook or wikipedia as a tool to encourage knowledge sharing in higher education, especially for those who are reluctant to share their knowledge in traditional learning or working environments. This research topic could be approached though getting responses from the users of open education resources (OER), open courseware (OCW), or information portals regarding their knowledge sharing experiences, expectations of sharing, and their evaluation of these tools’ effectiveness.

3. Fang Fang, , Indiana University (****)
Wiki Interests: Fang is interested in how wikibookians share their knowledge as well as the motivating factors that encourage their sharing behaviors. This study will create a sharing schema in terms of sharing content and sharing level to examine sharing behaviors. It will also explore what are major motivating factors that encourage wikibookians’ participation in creating and contributing to wikibooks. Proposed motivation categories include immediate response, featured article, social network, killing time, humanity, computer nerd, goal-based learning or products, etc.

Also interested in indicators that can be used to assess wikibooks' quality.

4. Nari Kim, Indiana University ****
Bio: Nari is a doctoral candidate in Instructional Systems Technology Department, Indiana University. She has a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in Educational Technology Department at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea. She worked as an instructional designer and team manager for various Web-based instructional programs targeted for K-12 students and adults in, Forbyte, Samsung, and Seoul National University.

Wiki Interests: Nari is interested in motivation of knowledge building in wiki communities. Her study may identify wikibookians into different groups based on their involvement: highly active group, mid-level active group, and low active group, then compare the motivating factors of each group.
She is also interested in the use of wikibooks for promoting critical thinking and learning in formal learning settings. For example, how a class creates a Wikibook to improve critical thinking skills.

5. Firat Soylu, Indiana University (
Bio: Firat is a graduate student pursuing a joint degree in Instructional Systems Technology and Cognitive Science. He has a BS degree in Computer Education and Instructional Technology from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He has been working as an associate instructor in school of education for the last three years. He also has been designing social games and simulations for the CISCO CCNA program. He has experience in designing and teaching college-level technology courses.

Wiki Interests: Firat is interested in the generation of collective knowledge with Wiki tools. He is specifically interested in the epistemological concerns over the reliability and validity of knowledge generated with Wiki tools.
Firat is currently conducting a study about academic uses of Wikipedia. The purpose of this study is to explore academics’ views on and use of “Wikipedia” as an academic resource. The main research question guiding this investigation is “How do the academics approach to Wikipedia as an academic resource in their courses and academic work?”
The three sub-questions posed under the main research question are:
In which ways do academics think Wikipedia can be used as a resource?
What are their concerns over Wikipedia’s use?
What is their epistemological stance towards the knowledge generated in Wikipedia?

6. Suthiporn Sajjapanroj, Indiana University (
Bio: Suthiporn is a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction Department, Indiana University. She has a master's degree in Computer and Engineering Management from Thailand. Before pursuing her study in Ph.D., she worked as an academic staff in the Institution for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Thailand. She also has experiences working in various industries including computer, pharmaceutical, human resource, and banking industries.

Wiki Interests: I was previously interested in the Wikijunior. I explored a little about the authors in Wikijunior and the characteristics of Wikijunior. Exploring Wikis in preservice teacher training.

7. Yun Jeong Park, Indiana University (****)
Wiki Interests: Study academic Wiki projects—create a book in class. Had decided not to participate until Fall of 2007.

8. Grace Lin, The University of Houston (****)
Bio: Grace is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Houston. She has degrees in Management Information System and Computer Science and has worked in computer industry prior to obtaining her Ed.D. in Instructional Technology. Dr. Lin currently is the adjunct lecturer at both the University of Houston in Houston, Texas and National Taitung University, located in Taitung, Taiwan.

Wiki Interests: Plans to work with Bonk to create a joint Wikibook in fall of 2007.

9. Dr. Mimi Miyoung Lee, University of Houston (
Bio: Mimi Miyoung Lee is an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at University of Houston. She received her Ph.D in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University at Bloomington in 2004. Since joining faculty at University of Houston in 2004, she has taught graduate courses in instructional design theory, socio-cultural aspects of instructional technology, computer-mediated communication, and seminar in instructional technology. Her research interests include theories of identity formation, sociological examination of online communities, issues of representation in education, and critical theory in instructional design. Her presentations and publications include her research in critical ethnographic methodology and its application in educational research.

Wiki Interests: Currently working on a Wikibook project with Dr. Lin and Dr. Bonk.

10. Curt Bonk, Indiana University (****)

Bio: Curt Bonk is the sorta the Project Director of the Wiki-RIKI group. (see his homepage at Curt Bonk is a former corporate controller and CPA, who received his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin. After serving on the faculty of West Virginia University from 1989 to 1992, Curt arrived at Indiana University in 1992 where he was a Professor of Educational Psychology for 13 years. In the summer of 2005 he moved to the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at IU. Dr. Bonk is also a Senior Research Fellow with the Advanced Distributed Learning Lab within the Department of Defense and adjunct in the School of Informatics at Indiana University (IU). He has received numerous teaching and mentoring awards from IU as well as the CyberStar Award from the Indiana Information Technology Association in 2002, the Most Outstanding Achievement Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association in 2003, and the Most Innovative Teaching in a Distance Education Program Award from the State of Indiana in 2003. In 2004, Bonk received an alumni achievement award from the University of Wisconsin. During the past two years, Curt has presented over 200 talks around the globe related to online teaching and learning, including ones at universities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Finland, Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Iceland, the UK, and the Saudi Arabia. In addition, he has nearly 200 publications on topics such as online learning pedagogy, massive multiplayer online gaming, wikibooks, blogging, open source software, collaborative technologies, and synchronous and asynchronous computer conferencing. His highly popular “Handbook of Blended Learning Environments: Global Perspectives, Local Designs,” was published by Pfeiffer Publishing in 2006. Finally, he can be contacted at or via his homepage at

Wiki Interests: Dr. Bonk is interested in the use of Wikis, in particular, Wikibooks, for international collaboration and mentoring. He is interested in online collaboration, global perspective taking, writing as thinking, social interaction, and idea generation or creativity. As someone interested in sociocultural theory, he also wants to explore the apprenticeship and scaffolded learning processes in a Wiki. And, in general, he views a Wikitool as a means of empowering learners and allowing them to pursue nontraditional and informal learning avenues. In the fall of 2007, if a grant is funded (and perhaps even if it is not), he plans to work with Suthiporn Sajjapanroj and Chun-Yi Lin at Indiana University, Grace Lin and Mimi Lee at the University of Houston, Tom Reynolds at National University in San Diego, Inae Kang at Kyung-hee University in Seoul, and others around the planet to explore the development of Wikibooks in preservice teacher settings. He is also interested in using them for problem-based learning with graduate courses in education across different cultures. If you are interested in such project, write him an email.

11. Thomas Reynolds, National University, La Jolla, California, USA **
Dr. Reynolds (pictured with the dapper Dr. Bonk on their March 2007 road trip in Texas).

Bio: Thomas Reynolds, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and former Chair of the Department of Teacher Education for National University, in La Jolla, California. After earning his Doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he developed performance and instructional software applications while working at the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research. During the 1990's he served on faculty at Texas A&M University, where he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to lecture in Peru on web-based education. Over the last ten years Dr. Reynolds has developed, researched and taught in blended learning contexts within his area of specialization in teacher education. His current work at National University centers on meeting performance and assessment teaching standards through online instruction. He also is currently serving as the School of Education Online Coordinator.

Wiki Interests: Tom is interested in global literacy, with particular emphasis on the role of e-learning in providing well-prepared and effective teachers as well as the open resources needed to support their practice. Like Dr. Bonk, he is interested in sociocultural theory and he would like to explore the apprenticeship and scaffolded learning processes that can be enabled via Wikis.

12. Dr. Inae Kang, Dean, Graduate School of Education, Kyung-Hee University,
Bio: Dr. Inae Kang has a doctoral degree from the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University, Bloomington. She is currently a Professor, Chairperson of the Educational Technology Major, and also Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. She has more than 70 publications on topics such as constructivism, PBL, museum education, mentoring, and online learning. Her current interests include ubiquitous learning environments utilizing diverse learning technologies.

12. Yayoi Anzai, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan,
bio: Yayoi Anzai is a Japanese instructor participating in WikiRiki from Tokyo, Japan. She is an adjunct professor of EFL and Mass Communication at Aoyama Gakuin University. In addition, she is a researcher at Research Institute of Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. She received her master's degree in Speech Communication from University of California at Santa Barbara. She specialized in EFL using CALL and mobile learning. Recently, she has become particularly interested in Podcasting, and has been trying to integrate various Web 2.0 technologies into language learning.
Wiki interest: I am interested in how Wikibooks can be utilized in EFL in respect to international collaborative learning.

13. Craig Howard, Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana
Craig_at_Niagara_Falls_small.jpgbio: I have been teaching language using public web resources since 1995. Most relavant to this project is the e-pals (Keypals Project) I oversaw at CUNY and Kanda University (KUIS) in Japan from 1998-2004, where i oversaw 8 teachers linking class to class email exchange between non-native speakers. We were lucky (myself and Alistair Van Moere, PhD Lancaster UK who is due 1/2 of all the credit for that entire project) enough to get funding to present the currculum extensively and were evenutally found by Cambridge U. Press. That relationship with CUP lasted about 3 years and we contributed to their materials developement projects. Other relavant info on me might include: SUNY College Buffalo Valdictorian 1994, NYC Board of ed licenced bilingual Educator 1995, MA TESOL Columbia University 1997, City University of NY Norming Committee (CUNY-wide English Language Proficiency Testing) 1997-1999, Senior Lecturer of English Kanda University 2000-2004, Lecturer Rikkyo University 2004-2006, AI Indiana U Bloomington, Instructional Designer at Option Six for Microsoft's Geopolitical Awareness last summer.

Communicative aspects of online language, which is inherently connected to collbrative formats like wiki's. I analyze L2 web based language, so that includes a number of different forms of CMC. Currently I have a study going with Andrew Barrett (PhD student IUB) on Sakai wiki usage in a teacher training course. Also, a feature analysis of L2 communcative web sites, and a CMC study of temporal comment usage on i' are papers in the works.